Machines and Materials

roll-forming-machines-materialsSteel Forming Systems, Inc. has the capacity to roll form a variety of materials with hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and stainless steel being the most common.  Widely used materials such as aluminum, copper, pre-coated steel, spring steel, and high strength steel can also be roll formed at our facility. Material thicknesses up to 10GA (.135” or 3.5mm) can be accommodated.

Our 14 roll forming mills and over 30 in-line presses offer considerable flexibility as the presses can be rearranged in different configurations, in-line with a variety of mills. This allows us to establish the most efficient operation for a given component.

Value Added Services


The expertise of our engineering staff sets us apart from our competition. Using the latest design software, we will work with you to develop tooling designs and production processes for building your parts to your specifications, in the most efficient manner. We will recommend any alterations that may create a better part or save your company money. It is our top priority to provide you with the best possible part, held to the tightest standards, using the most efficient process.

Robotic Welding

Steel Forming Systems has two robotic welding stations used when a customer needs higher quality welds or a high volume of welds. Welds made by our robots are more exact and consistent.

Resistance (Spot) Welding

Resistance welding is useful for its speed, simplicity and consistency.  With resistance welding, heat generated from electrical resistance joins two or more metal components together. Mig, tig and arc welding can also be employed where needed.


When roll forming is not the best option, such as forming a part that lacks uniformity, we own a variety of presses (up to 200 tons) that can handle these operations.  This is beneficial when, for example, you need to produce an assembly containing roll formed components and stamped components but would like to use a single vendor.

Brake Forming

When the quantity of a component is too small to justify the investment in roll forming or stamp, Steel Forming Systems is able to form many parts using a press brake.

Roll Tooling and Die Manufacturing

The staff at SFS makes all the tooling for new roll forming or stamping projects and can help with tool design and improvement. We will also maintain your tooling for the life of the project as long as production is taking place at the Steel Forming Systems facility.


SFS has a variety of machining options available such as grinding, polishing, end milling, cutting, drilling, tapping, and CNC lathe turning.

Inventory Management and Logistics

In an effort to save our customers time, money and hassle, we provide a multitude of logistical services. Steel Forming Systems will gladly produce a larger quantity of parts for our customers, store them in our warehouse, and ship when needed for “just-in-time” requirements.
On Demand Tooling

Steel Forming Systems maintains a variety of nonproprietary tooling that we may be able to use or modify to fit the needs of your project and reduce or eliminate your initial investment.  We currently have tooling available to make the following parts:

  • U-Channels
  • Angles or V-Channels
  • C-Channels
  • Hat Channels
  • Recessed Slotted Standards
  • Studs, Compares to a Garcy Stud® – Garcy Stud® is a registered trademark of Reeve Store Equipment Co.

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