Roll Forming For: Office Furniture

We are trusted manufacturers for the office furniture industry.

Whether you need decorative or structural metal components, you can be sure that Steel Forming Systems will meet your company’s needs in the most efficient and exacting way possible, as a natural consequence of the roll forming process and as a result of our deep roots in the roll forming business, especially in the furniture industry.

Not only is roll forming a process that produces parts very quickly, reducing labor costs, it is also a precise process. This ensures that your office furniture products are built to your company’s unimpeachable standards.

With our expertise, nine inefficient cabinet lines became nine productive cabinet lines with less than 2% scrap.

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Beyond Roll Forming

Steel Forming Systems offers many supplementary services that may be useful to your industry. Robotic welding is an excellent compliment to roll forming. It can provide a way to produce your structural components that have secondary welding requirements at a lower cost.

We also offer assembly services, automated or manual, for joining the wood, plastic, and glass elements with the steel components produced here.

If you don’t have the investment needed for tooling, we offer many on-demand products that may be useful as structural or decorative elements. We own a wide array of tooling to produce u-channels, angles, and hat channels.

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