Roll Forming For: Retail Fixtures

We produce components for retail fixtures that are visually impressive and cost effective.

At Steel Forming Systems we are able to use many different materials in our roll forming process, such as PVC coated, brushed or polished stainless steel, in order to make precise components for displays and retail fixtures.

Our attention to detail ensures that the components we produce meet your most stringent standards. No parts leave our facility without thorough testing and inspection to guarantee that your project will meet the tremendous visual requirements of your industry.

We saved our customer the headache of moving production offshore by getting creative.

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Beyond Roll Forming

For structural components to your store fixtures and displays, we may be able to assist with some of our other services. We offer robotic and resistance welding. These can be useful in creating strong, durable parts that will provide a foundation for your project.

We work closely with powder coaters and metal polishers to help complete the parts. Whether your need a component polished to a mirror finish or coated with a top-of-the-line paint, we will see your parts through from start to finish.

SFS also offers assembly services, automated or manual, for joining the wood, plastic, and glass elements of your display with the steel components we produce here.

If you don’t have a budget for tooling, we carry many on-demand products that may be useful as structural or decorative elements. We own a wide array of tooling to produce u-channels, angles, hat channels, and sign channels. We also produce our own line of recessed standards and wall studs.

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