SFS Revives Stalled Production for Customer

We serve a diverse market, ensuring broad production capabilities and quick turnaround.

We received a call from someone who was struggling to get parts from outside the US. Their final end-user was completely shut down in wait for quality parts. After our initial correspondence describing the tooling, sizes, the number of passes, etc. we determined it was an excellent fit for our equipment.

Within a few days, the tooling was delivered to our receiving docks. The Steel Forming Systems team went to work. Within two days, the parts were being created. We began shipping partials on day three to full orders shortly after that.

We continue, and to this day, produce efficient, high-quality parts and shipping without interruption. A few weeks later, we received a visit from the final end-user, four individuals from Amazon, to thank us for bailing them out of their problem.

Steel Forming Systems numerous roll forming mills and in-line presses offer considerable flexibility. The presses can be rearranged in different configurations, which allows us to establish the most efficient operation for a given component. We have the machinery, knowledge, and experience to produce almost any metal part.

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