Custom Tooling for Tower Lighting

We Took Extra Precautions,
 Our Customer Received Flawless Parts

We were contacted by an architectural firm to help design and manufacture parts for a new skyscraper in Oklahoma City, the tallest the city has seen yet. The new Devon Energy Tower lights up the Oaklahoma City skyline with color-changing LEDs that are assembled using roll formed stainless steel trim pieces.

The trim or cladding had to be produced in a variety of lengths from roughly 48” to 288.” Some of these pieces would be installed 50 floors up in an area know for high winds and tornadoes so the parts needed to have extremely tight tolerances in order to maintain a secure fit on the building.

The steel trim had to be shipped across the country and installed on a messy job site while maintaining a flawless perfect appearance. We determined that the best way to preserve the #4 brushed finish all the way to the job site was to roll form the pieces together with a protective PVC coating that could be easily removed after installation.

In order to accommodate our customer’s special requirements, the expert design team at Steel Forming Systems developed and built all new custom tooling.

The components were all delivered on-time without a single rejection. Not a single piece has come down or needed to be replaced. The Devon Energy Tower complete with our impeccable stainless steel trim pieces still shines brightly as the tallest and most defining element in the Oklahoma City Skyline.

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