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We Took Over Production so Our Customer Could Focus on Their Strengths

We were contacted by an office furniture manufacturer that was roll forming their own filing cabinet components. They had nine roll forming lines, none of which were working properly. They simply could not nail down a routine for producing quality parts within the desired tolerances. In order to diagnose the issue, we carefully inspected their tooling, machine setup, materials, personnel training and procedures, and equipment.

First we made a few minor alterations to the tooling which helped. The larger problem, however, was a lack of experience in roll form manufacturing. Our many years of experience allow us to identify issues within the roll forming process before they can affect the quality of the part. These issues can be as simple as a change in the hardness of the steel or a few thousandths change in the material thickness or they can be a combination of many different things. Our staff has been roll forming for so long that it is easy for them to recognize problems, or potential problems, and make adjustments accordingly.

After discussing this with our customer, they agreed that it would be better for all parties if we took over production for them so they could focus on their strengths. So, all nine lines were transferred to our facility. We never shipped them one faulty part and maintained a scrap rate of less than 2%.

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