Solar Panel Components which Withstand the Elements

We Listened Closely, Our Customer’s Needs Were Fulfilled

Steel Forming Systems has been working with a solar panel manufacturer to help create rotating supports that allow the panels to move with the progression of the sun throughout the day. As a fairly new company, our customer had little to no experience manufacturing steel components so our engineering staff spent several long hours in discussion with them to thoroughly understand the desired functionality and requirements of the product.

Armed with this knowledge, our team was able to take a design concept with absolutely no production feasibility into a solid manufacturable part. Not only that, but the production line that resulted is highly efficient and produces high-quality parts.

Understanding that the solar panels would be placed outside in Michigan and have to withstand the elements all year round, we turned to our trusted coatings specialists to finish the parts. The new rotating supports are some of the most structurally sound and precisely produced on the market today.

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